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High School Placement

Program Overview


The curriculum of The East Harlem School at Exodus House is guided by the precepts of awareness and compassion. Students are expected to seek a greater awareness of themselves and their world through study. Through this awareness students are expected to develop compassion for themselves and the world and express this love through actions and choices. These core precepts and the regular practice of silence in our community inform the following core values:

  • Awareness of the self and the world lay at the heart of all we do.
  • Wisdom is deep knowledge and compassion put into action. Knowledge alone is futile and action alone is dangerous.
  • Articulate public speech is demanded here. All talk must also be compelling, meaningful, and productive of awareness and acts of compassion.
  • Reflection on one's actions and their impact on others is full engagement in the community.
  • Effort, joyous effort, toward developing habits of study, health and courtesy must be unrelenting. These habits create excellence.


Academic Program

Students in grades 4 - 8 participate in the following academic classes:

  • Math: a rigorous, skills-based and conceptual math curriculum that prepares students for Algebra I by 8th grade.
  • Humanities: a two-hour class that combines the skills and content of both Language Arts and Social Studies, with an emphasis on reading, writing and connections with different periods of history and parts of the world. Click here to see some of the books that are read in the curriculum.
  • Science: a hands-on exploratory class where students over four years with increased sophistication explore repeated themes in the application of biology, physics, chemistry concepts.

Students in grades 7 and 8 also participate in:

  • Foreign Language: students gain conversational, reading and writing skills in elementary to advanced Spanish, as well as exposure to history and culture of Spanish-speaking people worldwide.


For more than three hours per week, students engage in one or more of the following athletic classes:

  • Swimming Program at Asphalt Green Sports and Fitness Center

  • Running Team: competes regularly within the Independent School League for Cross Country and Track Seasons

  • Yoga

  • Kung Fu (Chinese martial arts)

  • Fitness Conditioning

  • Team Sports (such as soccer, basketball and lacrosse)

Art & Drama

Students of all grades participate in drama class. In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in various art projects throughout the year.

Afternoon Program


Students gather in small groups with two or more faculty and administrative advisors to focus on personal development and the different transitions that they face at EHS. Some subjects that are discussed include:

  • Growing acculturated to EHS

  • Personal identity
  • Family life
  • Negotiation skills
  • Stress management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team building
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Defining relationship between self and community
  • High school admissions process
  • High school and college preparation
  • Current events/cultural literacy

Study Hall

At least three days per week, students have an hour-long study hall where they are able to complete their homework and/or work one-on-one with tutors.

Summer Program

The mandatory summer program initiates new students to the culture, rules and expectations of EHS. It also serves as a teacher training ground for college and high school students interested in the field of teaching and draws from the experience of professional teachers in New York City. The theme-based program also offers enrichment and remediation opportunities for all EHS students in grades 4-8 through core academic classes of Humanities and Math, as well as a rich offering of electives. Electives of the past have included foreign language, drama, digital photography, journalism, visual art, psychology and many more. Students also participate in weekly trips to reinforce their learning in the classroom.

In addition to the summer program, EHS students receive a number of scholarships to attend the following summer programs:

  • Boys and Girls Club Summer Program
  • Fresh Air Fund
  • Trailblazers
  • Glen Highland Farm Border Collie Camp
  • Christodora Manice Education Center
  • Asphalt Green Summer Program
  • Camp Kabeyun
  • Northwaters
  • Camp Hillard

Photo: Bruce Davidson